cPanel Dedicated Servers

cPanel dedicated servers are our preferred Linux Dedicated Server control panel, and you will be hard-pressed in finding a provider that has more experience in using cPanel dedicated servers in a production environment. ZencartwebHostingis a cPanel NOC Partner, and we host over 75,000 websites almost entirely on the cPanel dedicated server hosting platform.

If you don't have experience with cPanel dedicated servers, we recommend that you speak to sales regarding our Managed Web Hosting Services, especially on an environment such as Linux.

Here are some features that you will have by selecting a cPanel dedicated web hosting server over a cheap dedicated server:

• Unlimited Domains
• WHM (Reseller) Access
• Complete Customization
• Auto server-updates
• Instantly, and easily install applications
• Multi-language support

Administration side of cPanel (Web Host Manager) As noted above, our cPanel dedicated servers come installed with Web Host Manager (WHM), which is the web-based system for managing accounts on the server. WHM was made specifically to offer web hosting services, which makes a cPanel linux dedicated server the most popular choice by web hosting providers. WHM allows you to very easily create, delete, suspend, and perform a number of other functions to accounts. Cpanel dedicated servers are not cheap dedicated servers, but a cpanel dedicated server will make your web hosting experience a breeze.

Another great benefit to having a cPanel dedicated server is that it handles absolutely everything. From one control panel, you can access and manage DNS, MySQL, email, and more, all from within WHM. You do not have that much control with a cheap dedicated server.

The End-User Side of cPanel Dedicated Servers
By accessing the client side of the cPanel dedicated server, you will have the ability to install popular software that is updated by cPanel, access functions for managing email accounts, manage your MySQL databases, backup files, and much more.

cPanel dedicated servers are our preferred control panel for managing linux dedicated servers, because in our experience we have found it functional for all types of dedicated web hosting solutions. Whether you are reselling web hosting, looking to set up a load-balanced web server, or just looking to host a few large websites, you will find that cPanel dedicated servers are powerful and reliable.

cPanel can be added on to any Linux dedicated server for an additional $20 per month. To purchase a cPanel dedicated server, please follow through to our dedicated server offerings page.

cPanel dedicated hosting servers allow for clients to easily offer web hosting services at an affordable price. Since the licensing is relatively inexpensive, as an end-user you're given a robust, and a cheap dedicated hosting server complete with cPanel.